Making cat toys yourself - also for dogs II

This is part 3 of the cat or dog toy tip. We'll do an octopus if you feel like it!

You need:

a remnant not too thin fabric, about 40x40 cm. I once again used a remainder of the fleece fabric, but of course other fabrics are also possible, for example from an old shirt. In addition a ball and a piece of pretty string. I have used as a string still a rest edge of the fleece blanket. But you can also braid a thin braid of narrow strips of fabric.

For cats, I recommend a smaller ball that has a bell inside. I bought the four pieces pictured here for less than 2 euros at Kik (picture 1). In this case, I used one of the black plastic balls. This one has holes and in those I have previously stuffed catnip from the garden, smell the cats through the fabric and then they are very wild on their new toys ;-)) (Picture 2).

For dogs, I recommend a tennis ball or something similar, which hops well. With a smaller dog, I would take a squash ball, so that the dog can take him well in the muzzle.

So, it starts:

  1. Place the ball exactly on the center of the fabric square and hammer in it. (Picture 3)
  2. Tie the ball with the string. (Photo 4)
  3. Cut regular stripes from the edge of the fabric to the middle. (Photo 5)
  4. Pull well on each strip to form a tubular shape by itself. (Photo 6)

Let the cat (s) or dogs play with it - done !!

DIY Pet Toys Under £2 |♡Imy'sAnimals♡ | May 2022