Musty laundry? Washing machine cleaning with dishwasher tablets

Everyone knows that you can decalcify the washing machine wonderfully with vinegar.

Since each of us also produces body fat, which gets stuck in the clothes and combines with other dirt, it can happen that the washing machine smells quickly musty.

A tip from the expert helped me really well:

Just about every half a year, let the machine run with 2 dishwasher tabs (put directly into the drum) in the machine wash cycle.

The drum then shines like new and the Müff is gone. Fat deposits and other dirt, as in the dishwasher for dishes, wonderfully removed.

Personally, I think the machine washes better afterwards.

A little tip on the edge:

The detergent drawer also rausholen times and possibly remove deposits / mold in the opening.

Editor's tip:

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Clean Your Washing Machine with a Dishwasher Tablet | Rachael Ray Show | February 2024