Oat snacks - puffed oat grains


Preparation time: 5 min.
Total preparation time: 5 min.

For all grain fans here is a very simple recipe for just oats or a sweet or salty but in any case filling nibbling.


  • 6 tablespoons (about 100 g) whole oat grains


  • Heat a pan without fat.
  • Add 6 tablespoons of oat grains so that the ground is just covered
  • Wait for the oat grains to start puffing.
  • Then switch back the heat and shake the pan now and then, the snack is ready.

The oat grains do not jump quite as wild as popcorn does and they do not get that big either. On picture 3 and 4 you can see 50 grams of oats puffed and unpuffed. But they become crispier by roasting and easier to chew.

Since I'm an oatmealer, I like to eat the grains just like that, without any other ingredients. This is also a handy snack for traveling. Just fill the grains into a screw-top jar and pour them into the hand and mouth from the jar, pouring about a spoonful into your hand, as much as you want to take in your mouth. You have a lot of chewing and it is a clean thing, nothing sticks or stains and nothing can get bad.

For those who are not satisfied with pure oats I have suggestions for sweet or salty variants:

For sweet variants: 1 tbsp sugar-cinnamon mixture or 1 bag of vanilla sugar.

For salty variants: ½ teaspoon salt or ½ teaspoon herbal salt, hot pepper, herbs to taste.

  • When the oat grains are puffed, add the flavoring ingredient well distributed and stir.
  • In the sweet variant caramelize the sugar.
  • Those who shy away from sugar and salt can also roast nuts or add grated coconut.

The tastier variants you eat better with the spoon or fill it in drinking glasses and always takes "a sip" of it. Because sugar and salt are sticky and the spices are crumbly.

The puffed oat grains you can enjoy pure but also sprinkle over a salad or a soup, add to the cereal or yogurt or mix with other grains, seeds and dried fruit to a student food. If I drink my coffee black outside the house, then I like to chew a few oat grains. It tastes like coffee with oat drink, but I save the smokey. Although they taste very good, the oat grains do not trigger this unpleasant addictive effect, which is known from other nibbles, but a pleasant saturation. Buy now Set of 2 storage jars made of glass, 0.85 L (16.5x10 cm), with screw cap. Set of 2 storage jars made of glass, 0.85 L (16.5x10 cm), with screw cap. 13,87 ?

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