Oven disk: remove grease & dirt in no time

I recently bought a used stove. The previous owners were real bastards, I think the stove has never seen a rag - it was full of grease and dirt.

When trying to clean it, I'm almost desperate, especially on the stove disc. You could barely see through the burnt fat. Since my mother was very successful with heavily soiled coffee pots with dishwasher powder, I also wanted to try that. However, I only had dishwasher tabs. At the beginning I shredded it and processed the disc with the powder and water, with a toothbrush it works quite well.

However, this is quite tedious, at some point that was too colorful for me and I simply rubbed the tab over the wet disc. That worked great and if you believe it or not, it has not made any scratches!

How To Clean Sheet Pans | April 2021