Place dishes in the kitchen cupboard to save space

If you have a lot of dishes, the problem arises: Where to go!

In my kitchen cabinets was here and there still "air up", but really fit in nothing more: plates and bowls were too big for the vacant gaps.

It's easy to change that by placing small parts higher:

With the help of an increase, you can still make great use of free space in the upper area of ​​the kitchen cabinet.

Into the small free gap on the shelf between e.g. large plates you put an increase.

This can be an empty, cleaned can, a big cup, a cup - certainly something higher than the stacks of plates in front of it.

Then you can easily place smaller bowls or plates that would have found no place between the large plates.

Upper Kitchen Cabinets & Dish Rack + Tiny-Tour of Skoolie Kitchen! | December 2020