Process celery and radish better

When preparing / processing celery and radish, peeling always occurs. I've found that radish peels better when you cut it into pieces, which you then peel around. The peeling lengthwise is not so easy, as often the knife gets stuck.

With celery, which is well known to be round and heavy, there is also a way to simplify the work:

Since you need slices for the preparation of celery chips, which have approximately the same thickness, you can solve this wonderfully with the bread slicer. The resulting slices are then peel much easier than the whole ball and you have less waste, because you can peel so thin.

Remains of celery, which you do not currently need, can be frozen well, so you can use deals, even if you need the celery later.

How to Grow Celery - Complete Growing Guide | January 2020