Remove plantar warts at the foot by natural means

My daughter has been fighting with plantar warts at the foot since kindergarten age. Icy, tinctures, which were also used regularly, of course, under medical supervision, brought little visible success.

The warts did not become smaller, they continued to multiply so that a "peeling" of the warts in the clinic was recommended because my daughter could barely occur. This method also brought only short-term success, half a year, the warts were back.

By a friend who has atopic dermatitis, we came by chance to the "spa treatment", a bath in which a kind of cleaner fish on the dead skin particles hermachen come. At first I was very skeptical about what a scalpel could not do, should these little fish make it?

We got the first 5 treatments on trial, then we should wait two months, then come back for treatment.

The warts were significantly reduced after the first 5 sessions, after another five treatments, the warts had completely disappeared and have not come back to this day. The whole thing is now 4 years ago, my daughter is wart-free.