Replace broken zipper on children's trousers with velcro tape

In children's pants often the zipper is broken - sew new? Sew in the snap fastener? Throw it away? To be left open? Everything not necessary!

Instead of buying a zipper, split, fry for 2 hours, lose your nerve, throw in the corner:

Cut out the old zipper and sew a piece of Velcro on both sides. I attached photos: The zipper was about 8 cm long, now there is a 3-cm-Klett in it. I only had black, but you can not see that at all. If the suture is done well, it will not be noticeable. Estimated time: 10 minutes. Cost: I had the rest of Velcro left over.

Holds bombshell and goes faster and more practical, than to sew on a push button!

How to fix a zipper pull | March 2023