Store table grapes - hang upside down

Table grapes can be stored for weeks, considering a few things:

  • The grapes must be ripe, dry and free from damage. They are not washed before storage.
  • There must be a suitable space for storage, e.g. Basement, floor, pantry.

Proceed further:

  1. The grapes in the wrong direction take in the hand, because the berries hang relatively freely in the air.
  2. Kitchen yarn or the like that endures the weight of the grape to bind the stem.
  3. Hang this 'Gehängsel' on a clothes line, pole, hook. Do the same with the next grape.
  4. You get out quickly, in which amount the thread must be wrapped around the grapes, so that the stem does not break off.

It has been my experience that in this way, the grapes were still very good at Christmas - if they had not been baptized by then - an art for 4 children.

How to Can Jam and Jelly | May 2021