Tips for successful cakes

Now before Christmas, the magazines are full of baking recipes. The pictures look so tempting and the recipes are often seductively simple, that you feel like baking right away.

Here are some basic news for kitchen novices that you need to know. Who bakes for twenty years, will shrug his shoulders. But the art of baking is not that crystal clear!


  1. The stove must be at the right temperature when the raw cake is pushed in. So do not first stir the cake together and then pre-heat the oven. Never put a cake in the cold stove!
  2. The butter for the cake should first be fluffy and creamy beaten before other ingredients are added. Otherwise, the consistency will not be as frothy as desired.
  3. One by one eggs should be stirred in, the sugar spoonwise. Always work in until one egg is no longer visible or the sugar does not crunch any more, then only the next egg and the next sugar spoon.
  4. Flour should be sifted into the dough, which helps to keep the dough loose. Somewhere I read that in bad times the guarantee was given that no mealworm enriched the cake.
  5. If dried fruits are added then, if they were in rum, they should be e.g. Raisins are briefly rolled in flour or ground almonds so that they are not so wet. Otherwise the cake will be slightly soggy.
  6. The cake is cooked and baked when it is light brown, has risen and feels firm when you tap on the middle. In addition, helps with the Garprobe a toothpick, which, when eingepikst and pulled out completely clean. If crumbs are left over, the cake needs 10 minutes to bake.
  7. If the surface is too brown, you can cover it with a piece of aluminum foil during the extra baking time.
  8. Baking paper is a wonderful invention. When the cake pan is laid out, nothing sticks. There are not only rectangles, at some supermarket, there are blanks for round bakeware.
  9. But if you have no paper at all, the method of our grandmothers remains: Butter the shape vigorously and sprinkle with cake or breadcrumbs. That works too!

And now have fun in the bakery!

Tips and tricks for the perfect sponge cake | April 2024