Vacuum autumn leaves with industrial vacuum cleaner

Every spring, I'm tired of pimpling out the leftover leaves of earthenware, flowerbed, rockery, etc. with my bare hands. The autumn leaves can be easily vacuumed with industrial vacuum cleaner.

Then came the brilliant idea to simply vacuum the leaves with the industrial vacuum cleaner. It's best if the soil is still very hard, but dry. When Wackersteinen, which are usually around the house and there are some accumulates, you can save the clearing of the stones. Just put it away again and again. In the flowerbed the shrubs and shrubs, when everything is still dry and has not started to drive. In between you do not get so well ran.

On small stones is also great, if you take care not to suck them. But with a little practice, that's great.

Since last year I do it that way and I'm done cleaning much faster and the right start to the gardening season can begin now.

By the way, the hands are still almost clean and the back does not hurt so badly.

Industrial Vacuum Sucks Up Thousands Of Leaves Per Minute | October 2020