Well-being tip for the cat with autumn leaves

A nice well-being tip for the cat: autumn leaves in box or cardboard and the kitty feels "good".

After the last days were so warm and dry, the foliage fell to the ground due to gravity. So I have some handful or more in the fruit box (aus'm supermarket) "scattered".

After some mistrust, but full of curiosity Samati (pure flat cat) is carefully marched in and in the meantime she loves it. Is barely rauszubekommen.

Since she can sniff, rummage, cuddle, rustle, hold everything she wants and she can think of. Possibly. is that new for you, but maybe not?

I fill up every day a little, or loosen up the foliage and go fun! Do not worry, this is not a litter box replacement for Kitty (at least not with our narrow gauge tiger)

P.S. if you also feel good for cats have, then always like to come here.