Creamy soup cooked very quickly - puree the soup before cooking

On the topic of cream soups: Has anyone ever come up with the idea to puree the soup before cooking? I tried it and have to say, I'm just cooking like that.

All you need is a powerful blender and, if possible, a small pressure cooker. So the soup is in 2-3 minutes! cooked and it tastes amazing. So time and power savings. It eliminates the long Schnippeiei and cooking. The frying of the vegetables is in my opinion not so important. But cooks like to do that.

First, the appropriate liquid (stock / broth) in the blender, then spices (I like very much turmeric because of the color - google, what a great healthy spice is) then comes the vegetables (maybe in rough pieces - depending on what the mixer is willing to do - so it 's best not too much at a time - my blender is good, so for example the onion or carrot, etc. comes in at once, mix the blender one turn at a time, etc ., until everything is a nice porridge) maybe a little cream too. If the whole thing is mixed in seconds, then place it in the pressure cooker and bring it to the boil until the max. Heat is reached. Is also very fast and the job is done.

You can leave the story in peace for a while and then, when it is a bit cool, mix again. So each cream soup will be a "dream" as the lights would say. If you like, you can try it this way. I think it's awesome!

Mushroom cream soup tutorial | Learn to make all vegetable cream soups | May 2020