For vegetable muffle: incorporate vegetables secretly into the food

According to the motto: how I nourish my family healthy without her noticing it, you can incorporate some grated carrots and grated peppers and a few wholemeal oatmeal useful in meatballs, meatloaf or dumpling fillings.

I know adults who would not touch salad, and just accept mashed potatoes as vegetables. Well, mashed potatoes can also be colorful when celery and strained carrots are underlined.

Fish can be breaded not only in breadcrumbs, but half breadcrumbs, half cornmeal with a third of ground almonds. Tastes great and enhances the breading. You can also bread with chickpea flour. You get it under the name: Graam in the Asian shop.

And you can mix stewed leeks and peas in a potato tortilla without rolling over the plate in the form of vegetable garnishes.

The trick is to start slowly with the vegetable substitution. And if there are no major protests, increase the amount.

How to get as many vitamins as possible in the family meal.

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