Fragrant laundry without fabric softener

Since I can not use softener because of my sensitive skin, but like to have good scent in the linen closet, I now use Unstoppable laundry perfume from Lenor.

But I do not use it as recommended that I put the beads in the washing drum, you have to use quite a bit, so that ultimately some scent remains. So I only give about 25 beads in the softener compartment. Until the last wash, the beads are dissolved and rinsed like fabric softener in the washing drum. The result is a delicate scent in the wash that lasts a long time - at a fraction of the amount recommended by the manufacturer.

A second option is as follows: Place half a dosing cap of perfume beads in a spray bottle and top up with water. This dissolves quickly and you can start with the ironing. Buy now Lenor Unstoppables Laundry Perfume, Fresh, pack of 3 (3 x 275g) Lenor Unstoppables laundry perfume, Fresh, pack of 3 (3 x 275g) 20.97? 17,97 ?

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