lime water


Total preparation time: 3 min.

A little tip for a refreshing lime water in summer. I especially like limes so I take them often. Lemon is also delicious.


  • 1 big glass
  • ice cubes
  • Water (tap water or soda)
  • 1 well washed lime (organic is of course better)


  1. Wash lime very well and quarter it
  2. Ice cubes, as many as you like, in the glass
  3. Fill with water (I take tap water)
  4. 2 (or just more, according to the taste and size of the glass) take quarter of the lime and squeeze the juice directly into the water by hand and then put the pieces into the glass

Tasty, refreshing and goes very fast!

The whole thing can of course be prepared in a pot, then you have more for the whole day.

Tip: a few mint leaves, if you have some there, also tastes very good.

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