Linen change without much dust

If I take off our thick duvets, then I do it on the balcony or directly on the windowsill. Thus, the dust does not fly into the bedroom. Since I change our sheets every week, I did not remove any dust from the beds. And shake the duvets well outside.

Creative Maidle: Oh my dears, if Tanya gets the bed fresh every week, because she enjoys it, that's fine.
It does not encourage you to change clothes as often as you like ..
Who would like to profit from their tip will do that ...; o)
AAAAlso not upset ...; o)
I'm so much a neighbor viiiiiel rather than a constantly complaining about everything in others.
I already had one !!! Have constant overview of whether my underwear consumption per week is tolerable. Two too much or one too little?
And if my windows are also cleaned regularly enough. (deep sigh)

I wish you a sunny day!

Greetings Ghwenn: I do not quite understand the tip.
On the one hand, the tipster explains that she takes off the laundry on the balcony because of the dust, and on the other hand, that it hardly arises because of weekly replacement.
And shake off over the windowsill. What? Feather duvets or covers that you want to do anyway anyway in the washing machine (and hardly have dust).
With possibly dusty possibly thick feather duvets my arms would break off over the windowsill or I would be torn down together with them.

More detailed explanations with technical guidance would be nice. When shaking over a sill, a sudden change of wind direction can also carry back. ;)

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