Magnetic wall cheap to build from iron plate

Anyone who has considered hanging a magnet (pin) wall in their room will surely have been annoyed by the bad prices.

Much cheaper and in my opinion even more beautiful is a simple galvanized iron plate from the hardware store. Such plates are available in different sizes. Important: Never take an aluminum plate, even if it is lighter and lighter. Aluminum is not a ferromagnetic metal -> magnets do not adhere.

To attach the plate to the wall, there are two options:

1) Two holes in the plate with a steel drill and two strong nails or better screws with dowels in the wall

2) Cover the back of the panel with double-sided adhesive tape and then simply press against the wall. But beware: The position of the plate must be exactly correct, a correction is no longer possible. And removal of the plate causes the wallpaper i.d.R. is ruined.

If you're creative, you can also color the plate with a spray paint before hanging it or spray on it with stencils. A paint also protects the plate itself.

Leaving the plate untreated, one must be aware that the zinc can dirty the wall underneath the plate, and even if you write on the plate with a erasable edding and then wipes away again, you always rub off some of the black zinc.

Otherwise, the whole thing looks very nice, because the plate sits directly on the wall without a projection.

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