Pretty brown Easter eggs with bright patterns - quite natural

There are some tips here at TheFruitAndFlowerBasket to color easter eggs, also the tip with the onion skins is known.

I have a nice variation here, which is guaranteed to be non-toxic and tolerated by people with an allergy to color.

White boiled eggs are dyed with a broth of onion skins, but with 2 teabags of black tea added. This gives a rich brown hue. I take the shells of 6 thick onions on half a liter of water.

When the eggs are brown, take them out of the broth and dry them.

Of course you can also take blown eggs!

Now you pour vinegar or lemon juice into a small bowl. Dab the egg with a dipped cotton swab or draw lines. Let it dry in the eggcup. The - harmless - acid virtually etches the paint away, and the white or beige polka dots and lines are visible.
Especially the eggs shine, if you oil them afterwards. That a few drops of oil on kitchen paper and polish.

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