Pull tomato cuttings from side shoots

When the tomato season starts and I have no tomato plants, I pinch the Achseltriebe at the garden neighbor, or let me give the freshly pinched shoots. These are placed in damp soil and usually take root again immediately, so I can save myself the trouble of pulling on the windowsill.

Even those who want to save money and get the plants early at the gardener, can buy a plant and put the usually fast-growing side shoots, which must be removed anyway in moist soil. They are guaranteed to grow in moist soil and you will quickly have the desired number of plants. Try it. If you do not want to believe it can be stuck during the summer, a squashed runner in damp soil. But do not forget to pour.

How to Easily Clone Tomatoes and Root Tomato Suckers - The Rusted Garden 2013 | September 2022