Remove sticker on LCD TV

Removing stickers on LCD TV: I bought an LCD TV. Since no one was in stock and the exhibitor was still something in the price I took this. That this stupid energy efficiency sticker is one of the lousiest sort I did not suspect.

In order not to destroy the new TV right away, I first read through several forums. Have tried almost everything except perhaps gasoline and steel wool (as my common sense pushed me a bar) Nix has really helped ... wanted to finish with a glass ceramic field scraper at go.

Once shot me ---> WD40 <--- (creeping oil) in the head! There are in every hardware store. (2-3?) Sprayed a bit on a rag, (NOT DIRECTLY TO THE LCD) bit over it rubbed without pressure just to soak ... 2 minutes waiting and wiped away with a clean corner effortless! LIKE NEW.

Simple Trick To Remove Stuck Stickers | May 2020