Toilet cleaning: basic course

Many still do not seem to be clear: Cleaning the toilet is not the same as throwing in a toilet duck, dipping the brush, pressing the rinse, and you're done.

To clean up a really dirty toilet is really a disgusting mess and can sometimes take a few hours or days - because no matter what means one catches, stink and trouble lurk where you can only with the sponge or the toothbrush in the Hand is coming.

That affects everyone! In standing peccadillo but not only under the glasses, etc., but in the vicinity of about 1m³ especially behind, next to and below the bowl - so who is on it, must be at least for cleaning on his knees ... you should think about it.

Anyone who has ever done something really clean, then it will no longer be worth it anyway, let it ever come back so far ... and if not already for cleaning, then at least to pee ... (at the latest when the radiator next to the toilet starts to rust).

For those who do not want to experience it anymore, there is only one thing:

regularly, i. thoroughly clean at least every 2 weeks - then the disgust factor is zero and it takes max. 10 minutes (except for the incorrigible Stehern: because rather every 2 days and much time, labor and smell-intensive? On the knees ...!). How it works regularly but relaxed:

  1. "Maintenance": often sit down, use the toilet brush more often (not only if something sticks)
  2. Easy-clean: Scrub toilet cleaner under the edge of the bowl (for this you have this crooked outlet), run down and let it act. Toilet brush and container if necessary, equal to pure. Exposure time depending on the contamination: at least 1 coffee break long, for the more experienced: in the meantime something else (eg sink, shower, bath).
  3. Thoroughly scrub the bowl with the toilet brush, especially under the edge (the brushes with "wheels" are good for that, otherwise occasionally hold a sponge or a smaller brush - NOT the toothbrush of the hotel guest -). A slight malodor testifies to thoroughness. Then rinse and "brush" the toilet brush.
  4. With other sponge and household cleaner 1. Lid outside 2. Lid inside 3. Outside glasses 4. Inside glasses 5. Clean the ceramic around the bowl clean. 6. Do not forget the "lower" ceramics (mothers-in-law like to check for ...) and occasionally the tiles or similar behind them. That was it. The secret lies in the regularity (and in 2 sponges: Edding helps).

The rest is history ... or pure butt-wiping the advertising industry. After all, nobody wants food out of the thing ... PS: Music always helps! For me to knock z. B. Beastie Boys.

Janitorial Restroom Cleaning Step-By-Step Training | May 2020