Children vomit in the car - tip for a more relaxed ride

Children vomit in the car - tip for a more relaxed ride.

Some of you may know the problem with children having to vomit while driving. I was such a kid too and can not sit in the back of the car until today. Junior did not have that, but little daughter. Not as a baby, that came later.

I still know the theater from me and my mother's sayings: "look out", "sit straight", "do not dress like that" etc.

I wanted to spare my daughter, that does not have to be, besides it does not really help. So since then we have a lockable popcorn bucket / waffle bucket with us.

1. The thing is always tight (bottom)

2. The opening big enough to hit the bucket too

3. Airtight sealable, so that any riders are not yet "infected" by the smell.

When the child was even smaller, the bucket was right next to her during the ride, she could pick it up and use it and later put the lid on it herself. Now he stands for emergencies in the footwell where she can get it herself. After use, the bucket is rinsed out on the way, then he gets into the dishwasher at home and is then ready for use again.

For little children driving is now no longer a problem, the bucket moves with and it is a relaxed driving.

Plastic bags are guaranteed to be tight in real emergency not tight and the car stinks immediately after use of the plastic bag, because you often can not stop immediately and dispose of the part.

Oh yes, I'll spare you a picture, I do not think anyone wants to see a used bucket.

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