Excess rich cucumber harvest for Gazpacho recycle


Preparation time: 20 min.
Total preparation time: 20 min.

This year lots of cucumbers seem to be harvested - they are offered by all hobby gardeners like sour beer. Even if I'm not a big cucumber friend, I like to eat the cold Spanish vegetable soup Gazpacho, even in winter, that's why I've processed the cucumber blessing of my neighbor so that I still have something of the cucumbers in the winter.

I peel the cucumbers, cut them in half and use a spoonful or a melon-ball punch to scratch out the glaring center with the seeds. I puree the remaining cucumber meat and add the purée in ice cube trays to freeze in the freezer. When they are frozen, I save them in a deep freezer in freezer boxes.

If I want to make gazpacho, I can add the cucumber cubes instead of fresh cucumber to the pureed tomatoes, the remaining vegetables to recipe. So I have a chilled soup and my cucumbers are usefully used and still usable in winter.

My gazpacho recipe is enough for 4 people:

A can of passed tomatoes, with a cucumber (peeled and freed from the center), a pepper, a clove of garlic, two to three slices of pretzel toast puree, how fine is a matter of taste. Add vegetable stock until the consistency of the soup is pleasant. With salt, pepper, sugar, possibly Tabasco or a few drops of balsamic flavor round. Real Spanish is served:

  • diced peppers (colored),
  • diced cucumber,
  • possibly fresh tomato,
  • roasted white bread cubes, which anyone can add to their soup at will.

Who can not do without "animal": Serrano ham cut into stiff ribs or Parmigiano shavings do not change the taste for unpleasantness!

Serve well chilled!

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