Clean hairbrushes with shampoo

Hair brushes are quick with lint, wrapped tightly around the sprouts.

In contrast to the hair, you can not tear it out so easily (you can pull out hair, if they are tighter, you can comb them out with a comb).

The hair fat is to blame because the lint so tight.

So you can remove all lint in less than a minute:

  1. If possible, leave hot water in the sink
  2. Generously apply shampoo to the brush
  3. Use a nail file to work the sprouts in all directions
  4. Brush with the rungs in the sink
  5. Brush again
  6. Turn down again

Finished! The brush now has no lint and no more fat and is clean as a flash.

This should be done every 1-2 weeks because:

Microorganisms that cause dandruff and attack the scalp live in the greasy lint and hair. Here it is nice and warm and regularly wet, so the ideal breeding ground for germs.

Some have already gotten rid of his shed by brushing his brushes and combs regularly.

Best regards. Your hair expert

How To Clean Hair Brushes and Combs! If you have natural hair WATCH NOW!!!! | March 2023