Fly attract for carnivorous plant

After a move (and the associated change of location) my Venus flytrap has not caught anything for weeks. Only two skinny little flies throughout the summer.

I then took a small glass with a screw cap (for example of horseradish) and filled it with pieces of meat. I took a piece of fish, pork and shrimp leftovers just to be sure. I then placed the glass horizontally (so it does not rain) next to the plant and aligned the entrance in such a way that it points to the plan and the flies have to pass them on the approach. Within 5 days, all traps were snapped and filled with flies.

Then screw the glass to the lid and discard.

- It starts to stink and there are really some flies, so do only if you have 3-5 days not on the balcony.
- After a few days maggots develop, so do not put the glass on / in the plant, so that they do not crawl.

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