Clean suede jackets completely yourself

Suede jackets, especially when light, (e.g., light brown) eventually become unsightly. This is especially true for the collar and for the wrinkles in the sleeve area, etc.

Now an expensive leather cleaning is announced. This is a risky thing. If you're not afraid that the jacket may be a little tighter after that and she'll come in one or two numbers, so fit for the kids, etc. then here's the ultimate tip:

Turn the jacket inwards and put it in the washing machine: Select the gentle cycle at 30 ° C, add 1.5 units of mild detergent, the mild detergent DIRECTLY into the machine and not at the top of the nozzle. In the fine cycle, the machine has more water, so the delicate suede is spared.

When the machine is through, once again, as wet as the jacket, go through, this time without detergent, normal gear 30 degrees, but neatly add fabric softener: Good two Dosierkappen, important: IN the machine.

The leather jacket will come out as soft as never before and is at least as clean as the leather cleaner. Maybe she has come in a bit. I tried it myself. The jacket is now wearing my wife and she looks great in it :-)

How to look after suede jackets | June 2023