Clean the oven with "steam cleaning"

Environmentally friendly, effective and inexpensive cleaning of the oven. It's that easy:

1. Only add enough water to prevent it from leaking, with a dash of detergent to the bottom of the oven.

2. Then let the water evaporate for about 1/2 hour at 100 degrees lower heat; Do not open door in the meantime.

3. The water vapor then dissolves the residues or encrustations on the side and rear wall.

4. Allow to cool and then remove the residue with a kitchen towel or a damp cloth and wipe again with a damp cloth if necessary.

5. Protects the environment & oven cleaner, I do not need more!

Clean Your Oven with No Harsh Chemicals Using the HomeRight Steam Machine - Thrift Diving | June 2022