Total preparation time: 3 hours

Delicious stupid and dumpling goulash.


  • 500 g goulash (pork or beef)
  • 500g onions (peeled should be 500g!)
  • 500 g pepper (in the 3-pack are usually 500 g in it so you can buy 3 lots)
  • 1 bottle of red wine
  • 1 clove of garlic (finely chopped or pressed) or granules from the mill
  • 1 half tube tomato paste (100 g)
  • 1 tsp honey
  • 3 tablespoons of oil (rapeseed sunflower or what's right there)
  • 2 L of water or more ... you can see that when cooking


  • salt
  • Pepper (best fresh from the mill)
  • Sweet paprika and rose-sharp



  1. Wash the peppers, core them and cut into pieces about 1 cm in size. If the pieces are too big, cut the goulash into bite-sized bites and peel the onions, cut off the ends and quarter (preferably on the kitchen scale for checking purposes). Prepare the remaining ingredients and open the wine bottle.
  2. Let's start: Heat the oil in a large saucepan over medium heat and fry the meat until lightly browned. Then add the honey, the knobi and the tomato paste to the meat and stir (preferably with a flat roaster).
  3. The tomato paste should be spread on the bottom of the pot so that it turns brownish! Watch out! Do not get black, then it gets bitter and messes up the whole goulash.
  4. As soon as the marke becomes brown, pour a sip of red wine into the pot and loosen the tomato paste from the bottom of the pot again.
  5. Continue to work diligently and repeat the whole thing with the addition and with wine detachment.
  6. When it's the third time, put a decent shot of red wine in the pot. Then mark and red wine form a thick sauce on the bottom of the pot. Now add the onions and stir.
  7. Then first add 1.5 L of water and add the peppers.
  8. Next comes a pinch of salt, a pinch of pepper, a coated EL paprika noble sweet and a spread teaspoon of paprika.
  9. Now it's time to simmer the whole thing and always stir well in between, stir ... and the most important STIRRING ...
  10. Man stirs stupid and dizzy :-)
  11. If the whole thing gets a bit too tight, you have to topple over the water again, because the whole thing has to cook until the onions have completely disintegrated, which can take up to 3 hours, depending on the cooker power ...
  12. But you have a wonderfully creamy sauce and you can still taste the last half hour happy, if anything should be missing. To taste boiled potatoes or pasta especially well.
  13. And do not be scared if you take pork, it's normal for it to break up during cooking, but it's super delicate when the goulash is finally done!

Here are my anecdotes about this recipe: (some pastime for the long cooking time)

9 years ago (I had just moved in fresh with my sweetheart, I wanted to surprise him with goulash, young and inexperienced like me, I went to shop at 4pm, had everything snarled and thrown together at 6pm, but when he was 20 Clock came home, the food was still not ready ... I stayed awake while he was already a round pre-sleep and at midnight there was finally dinner ... at that time I had "nerd" the stove (electric stove) but also turned down halfway, because at the time most of the food is burnt on me and I did not want that at the expense.

Since then, I cook the goulash only on special occasions or when I'm free, by the way, you can really clean the whole place.

When I told my grandmother two years later (since the recipe had reached the current status) of my cooking skills, (one is also proud of herself when all this is done without M * F * x and Co), she said "Darling, I still have a pressure cooker for you, so you do not stand so long in the kitchen!"

The next time I visited her, I brought the ingredients and tried it in the pressure cooker ... The day I had only pig, which I always decayed in the normal pot to butter tender Fitzeln ... she gave me tips and conducted me because I can not cook something young!

Well, she meant well, but neither dog nor cat wanted to eat the tough lumps to which the flesh had mutated. The pressure cooker stopped with her and I prefer to cook the goulash only on special occasions.

One time my mother-in-law came by quite unexpectedly and the goulash was already finished. Nice as it is, they invited her to dinner. She asked to look up and after we were full and satisfied, even to the recipe ...

Hm ... she invites us to a goulash meal when she's retired, but she does not make it in time. I admit, it's a lot of effort ... and you usually have to taste more ... but if you have the time and desire, it's really worth it! Has just cooked with a lot of amore ... and maybe dares so synonymous to boil it.

American Goulash (One-Pot Beef & Macaroni) - Food Wishes | May 2020