Deodorant as a cabinet freshener

If you use deodorant and they are nearly empty, you do not have to throw them away right away. You can still put them open in your closets for a while.

I think it's best in wardrobes. Since one of my children is allergic to fragrances in the detergent, but likes scent of towels, this is a good solution.

xldeluxe: I do this for decades with all sorts of things like empty perfume bottles, test strips with perfume from magazines and perfumeries, soaps, empty vials of fragrance oils ............ and what can I say: I do not smell anything !!!!!

Even a bowl of rose petals does not bring a pleasant room fragrance and a deodorant scent does not smell at all - not even during use.

I have a very good nose and no smell problems, but somehow it does not help me.

For those who can sniff well, an imaginative idea.

Unfortunately, all that remains for me is to fill empty empty roll-ons with wallpaper paste and to use them without scent for handicrafts.

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