Lingerie White removes greyishish

The old problem: White lingerie turns slightly gray over time. Even the separate washing of white and colored textiles did not keep the gray haze from me! Therefore, I decided to try it with the "DESSOUS WEISS" of the company HEITMANN - in advance: it worked - the gray haze was completely removed!

As stated on the package, I dissolved the powder in lukewarm water (10-liter bucket) and put the lingerie inside. The pack is enclosed with a lightweight plastic bag designed to protect the environment from the slight odor that comes out of the solution. It is completely put over the bucket and did not let any smell escape to the outside.

With a glove I moved the lingerie in the lye several times a day and let them soak for a total of 24 hours (incidentally, I gave more parts in than stated). After a rough rinse, I gave them in the already due and scheduled for the day delicates: The lingerie came out white!

Now, some will say that the substances of the laundry ... hurt, but as gray as the laundry was, I would not have worn them any longer anyway!