Losing weight with the rice diet

The strict rice diet promises a weight loss of 4-5 kg ​​after the first week. The quick success in losing weight with rice has advantages and disadvantages.

This is how the diet works with rice

The mono-diet with rice (mono =? One?) Is simply explained: Morning, noon and evening is polished rice (white and peeled) on the menu. Each 60 grams are cooked, according to the most popular version of Dr. Diet. Fritz Kemptner will first be eaten with some applesauce. From the second week further fruits and vegetables are added, in the third week brings fish a bit of variety on the table. Kemptner has not developed this diet for weight loss, but as a strictly low-sodium diet for hypertension.

Initially high weight loss

In fact, in the first few days of this diet, one kilogram can fall. First, because the calorie count is limited to 1,000 kcal / day. But if you already have diets behind you, then you know that the successes are not so quickly visible, even with less and low-fat energy. The reason for the rapid weight loss in this diet is that rice binds water and the high potassium content causes excess water to spill out of the body. Salt is omitted in the diet, it would hold the water in the body. Can be drunk unsweetened herbal teas? and of course a lot of water.

The mono-diet with rice is in the criticism

In the long term, this strict form of rice diet is not recommended as it can lead to various deficiency symptoms. The body needs just enough vitamins, nutrients and protein, and as with any one-sided diet, this is not the case here. Add to this the well-known JoJo effect after stopping the diet, which quickly pushes up the pounds again.

Attenuated form of the rice diet

If you want to do without some disadvantages of the mono-diet with rice, you can try the moderate version. Fruit, vegetables, fish and lean meat may be eaten as a side dish right from the start. For this I recommend you to eat the polished rice alternating with unpeeled varieties such as wild rice or brown rice. In the unpeeled rice, vitamins, minerals and nutrients are still preserved. You should also abstain from salt, including saline foods such as smoked and cured fish.

My conclusion to the rice diet

As a short-term diet to fit into a fancy dress or good suit trousers for a pending treat, I think the mono-rice diet is a good way to go. Generally I like mono-diets, that they are clear and not like other diets too much attention must be paid. In the medium and long term, there is no way around a balanced diet, in which the almost low-fat rice can be a regular part, but not several times a day. And actually you do not want to lose water, but permanently reduce the flab.

Book tip of the editor:

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