Pumpkin Spaetzle

The pumpkin is the largest berry in the world: Properly read, pumpkins are actually botanically considered berry fruits. Pumpkins are very healthy and tasty and should be on the table more often during the season.

The many different varieties are captivating due to the variety of flavors, the palate ranges from fruity-dry to sweet to nutty.

The versatile fruit contains many healthy ingredients. The pulp contains hardly any carbohydrates, is rich in valuable vitamins and minerals, and very low in calories due to its high water content.

Pumpkins are rich in:

  • potassium
  • calcium
  • zinc
  • and very low in sodium (ie dehydrating and diuretic)

Especially the varieties with orange pulp are considered veritable vitamin bombs. Hokkaido pumpkins contain even more carotene than carrots.

You can cook and cook pumpkin in many different delicious variations. Pumpkin cream soup, pumpkin gourds, pumpkin goulash, pumpkin pie, etc.

My current favorite dish is Pumpkin Spätzle, which are prepared as follows:

Hollywood Casino executive chef shows us how to make pumpkin spaetzle with duck confit | June 2024