A savings tip for people on a budget

Unfortunately there are far too many people who live on a small budget, very close to their financial limit and really have to turn around every taler 5 times. Whatever the reason may be. In such a situation - I know it from my own experience from my studies or training time - you can not actually save and cover a nest egg.

I made it that way that I have an overview of my mtl. Had costs. Now there is also something like phone, which always varies in size. As a guideline I had in my overview 30.00 Euro per month (at that time it was really still so expensive, today luckily already cheaper.) If now the bill was 27.84 euros high, yes remained to the 30.00 euros, I had calculated 2.16 euros and this I have consistently transferred to my passbook. Before, of course, I have looked, if there was something else. Handy would spontaneously come to mind, where you can add the difference to what you had calculated, directly to the 2.16 euros from the phone (landline).

Alternatively ... if you refueling for 50 euros (at my fiesta is still just for 50 euros) einplan, but just 48.11 euros when refueling is consumed, you could also "save" this difference.

Luckily, my bank transfers do not cost anything and I have a template for transferring what is on my checking account to my passbook / bank account. So it's really fast. Of course, if I have several subtotals, then I transfer the total and not everything individually.

This tip requires a bit of discipline, but also promotes awareness of money. Here is a euro, as 2 euros, there a few cents. For me, between one and seven euros came together in one month. You can also determine the amount that you "save" when you try to send one or two SMS less, use What's App, or find a page on the Internet from where you can send SMS for free. It is already a lot of effort for relatively "little", which comes out in the month, but who has little money - so it was with me at least - will be glad if he then just has a minimal nest egg. At least € 7 at 12 months makes 84 euros.

Today I still practice this "trick" with my father. We go bowling together every 6 weeks and instead of giving with 6.70 euros for his share of the train, he gives me mostly 10 euros. I collect the 3,30 Euro and then either give him back the whole amount at the end of the year or do something with him, because he is also one of the people who rather have little money available.

HOW TO: BUDGET & SAVE MONEY (TIPS & HACKS) | Brittany Daniel | June 2024