Continue to use screw-cap glasses

No longer in the mood for plastic screw cap glasses. I am now very annoyed by the machinations of the company TU ... are. I also have a lot of products for storage of the plasma giant, but it is now very difficult to reclaim the defective parts.

Some, e.g. the old dough scraper, the master baker, etc. are charged only against credit and then only individually: For each part, a new one must be ordered. So I prefer to dispose of directly rather than constantly to run demonstrations.

Since there are also reports on the subject of plastic, which do not necessarily serve to reinforce this a positive image, I collect for years screw cap glasses (preferably the special sizes of the chocolate spread) for dry supplies. Although the lid is also made of plastic, it usually has no contact with the contents. I had never seen anything here at FM, so I allow myself this very simple trick and I'm curious who does it all.

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