Autumn decoration and winter protection - collecting pine cones

Already thinking of the autumn decoration and winter protection - collecting pine cones.

Exactly: now they are falling again ...

I have already collected some beautiful specimens, which serve not only for decoration, but also (if abundant) as heat protection for pots and tubs.

Since pine logically and annoyingly also - almost year-round - drop their double needles, I also sweep them from time to time when it gets out of hand together. These too can protect plants and pots from frost damage.

Folds on plates better with an upturned dustpan or the rake, as with the broom.

I make a virtue out of necessity, because "my" jaw is a crooked, potthäßliches greenhouse, with which I still stand - because of tons of needles - on half war footing. Maybe I'll make some more pots and we'll become friends after all.

How to Preserve Pine Cones | May 2020