Dirndl brighten up - Pimp my Dirndl

We women know that well: one does not want to be seen in the same garb too often. Since I like to wear traditional costumes in the village, of course I already have some at home. Nevertheless, I do not always want to arrive with the same part and once I have aufgehubscht my normal Dirndl bit.

  1. For this peacock feathers were glued on a part Velcro tape (with hot glue) and glued sequins in addition.
  2. The other side Velcro tape, I easily put on the lower part of the apron. The peacock feathers were canted, and the dirndl looked a bit more exotic than usual.

The best thing about it: you can just remove it again and come up with a new great decorations.

Easy and fast to have a new design!

Floral Flower Crown | March 2023