Boil potatoes faster and better

With this tip you can cook boiled potatoes faster and better and save money!

When I cook boiled potatoes, I always select the largest possible elongated potatoes, which I cut into quarters after peeling. (I saw that with a TV chef some time ago)

Then I boil the water needed in the kettle (which is cheaper than heating cold water and heating it on the hotplate!), Pour it over the potato quarters and immediately set the hotplate to the highest level. Only when the water with the potatoes then cooks again, it is salted accordingly, then I set the stove on the lowest temperature level and let the potatoes cook for 25 minutes, then I turn off the stove and let the potatoes for 5 minutes, then they are even

Quartered potatoes cook faster and prepared on the plate they look much nicer than z. B. cut in half!

Good Appetite!

Super Quick Potato Peeling! - Life Hack | August 2020