Conserve garlic - preserve flavor

In my one-person household, I do not always manage to keep garlic, which you can usually only buy in supermarkets in the threesome net, as long as I can use every toe. Often, individual toes dry or rot, which then have to be disposed of.

So, when I made stock of wild garlic paste in spring, I had the idea of ​​preserving garlic in a similar way. Since the then conserved garlic has tasted good and kept good until today, I would like to introduce my method to all interested TheFruitAndFlowerBaskets:

Divide the garlic bulb into the toes and rid it of all shells and skins. Then cut the toes in length about 3mm thick slices, while you can remove the greenish germ in the middle, which is said to be so-called for the typical Knobi breath. I leave him in!

Put the slices in a tight-seal glass and cover with oil. When filling with oil, tap the glass lightly on the surface again and again, so that the air bubbles escape and the oil envelops each knob disc. Fill in so much oil that the slices are completely covered. Keep in the fridge!

I take olive oil, but if you do not like the oil getting stuck in the fridge, avoid tasting sunflower or rapeseed oil. The oil can be used as spiced salad oil or for frying, it gives the salad or fried a very fine garlic note.

How to Peel & Preserve Fresh Garlic cheekyricho | April 2024