Giotto cake - quick and easy (without baking)

My friends and I are totally into Giotto. For my birthday, I wanted to make a Giotto cake, but the recipes I found were all too complicated or too powerful for me (almost only cream ...). So I just tried something and it was good for everyone.

You need:
1 pie base
4 rolls Giotto
250 ml whipped cream
1 can of peaches (or other fruit)

1. Distribute the fruit on the cake bottom
2. Beat cream
3. Crush three rolls of Giotto and mix under the cream.
4. Distribute the cream over the fruit
5. Distribute the remaining Giottos as a decoration on the cake
Finished! :-) Keep the cake in the fridge until served.

The cake can be prepared quickly and easily, even if spontaneous visit announces. ;-)

HOW TO: Giotto Cake Tutorial - EASY STEPS ⎪Flavour | March 2021