Secure cabinet doors with magnetic lock

Children from the crawling age like to explore places that are not necessarily suitable for them. For example wardrobes. They crawl in and then the closet door closes. But not only children, but also curious pets often hide in a closet. One of those curious people is our cat.

Because he had disappeared in a closet a few times and could not get out anymore because the door had closed, I took my clothes off and found a magnetic lock for closet doors on the internet that you can not see from the outside. So I can now be sure that our hangover no longer involuntarily locked in the closet.

It is a magnetic lock, which consists of several parts. As you can see on the first photo, the closure part is attached to the outer wall of the cabinet. This is done by means of a very strong 3M adhesive profile. The second part is glued to the door at the same height.

The round part on picture 3 is the key. To open the cabinet door, hold the key part to the outside of the cabinet at the height of the closure part. Then there is a soft click and the door is open. I really like this kind of pet and pet protection and it does not look as ugly as the Velcro closures that are offered everywhere. I am satisfied with this method and it serves a good purpose.

If we buy new cabinets for our apartment, I will definitely secure the doors again with a magnetic lock.

Baby Safety Magnetic Cabinet Locks by Brilliant Baybz | April 2024