Pasta salad with cream cheese

Recently I wanted to make pasta salad, but had no Mayo in the house. But still half a pack of cream cheese - if that was possible? I interviewed the www and found many recipes. In principle, Mayo is replaced by cream cheese, that's all. And it tastes great - from now on pasta salad is only made with cream cheese! But here you can see recipes - for about 4 people: cook 250-300 g noodles until firm. I give the noodle water equal seasoning and / or herbal salt with pure, which gives the pasta a good basic taste. As further ingredients there are with me: * approx. 50g cheese (for example Emmentaler, in strips or cubes) * 1 kl. Can peas and carrots (cut the latter a bit) * 1/2 red pepper from the jar, chopped * half a can of corn that had to go away * 1 medium onion, chopped (who does not like onions in pasta salad, just leave out) * one spicy or 2-3 mild hot peppers, chopped cheese for me to pasta salad just adds. I really like onions. Since there is the barbecue for us to do so, not extra sausage with pure. I think it's important that he is very colorful, so always at least something green and something red with pure. When season is, of course, rather fresh. Blanch the fresh vegetables for a short while. To the cream cheese (good 150 g) is a good Schwubbs cocktail sauce (about 1-2 tablespoon), who likes it hotter may also hot chilli sauce or similar. give it to you Mix everything well, if necessary with salt, pepper, curry taste. Who has parsley and / or chives: purely with it! I do not have it with exact recipe information and would like to know this as a rough guideline. Rule of thumb: everything is pure, which is colorful, tastes good and has to go away.

Pasta Salad with Vegetables with Philly Cream Cheese | May 2020