Put washing powder directly on the laundry

Since I know that liquid detergent causes deposits in the washing machine and the hoses, I use powder detergents. Unfortunately, the powder likes to stick half in the detergent drawer. Previously, there were such practical bags in which you could fill the powder and put directly into the drum with the laundry. These things are apparently no longer in the trade.

I helped myself: Instead of the washing powder in the bag I fill the required amount of powder in a tea towel, beat it loosely around the powder, put it with the laundry in the drum and start the washing program as usual. Result: glued detergent drawers are history and the laundry is just as clean as before. Often, the pre-treatment of stains is unnecessary because the powder can work better through the "direct application".

Tide | How To Load A Top Loading Washing Machine | September 2020