Sweden herbs against pimples

A very helpful tip against pimples, from my mother-in-law: Schwedenkräuter to Maria Treben.

I often have problems with pimples on my thighs and other places and no doctor has been able to help me so far. There was always only an ointment and the whole thing took then still 2 weeks, until it was halfway away.

Very important here is that you take the original small Sweden herbs to Maria Treben. Gibts for self-preparation or finished in the pharmacy.

  • First, you cream the infected area with marigold ointment or similar. to protect the skin, as the Swedish herbs can dry out the skin.
  • Then you take a wound compress or a cloth and soak it with the Swedish herbs.
  • This is also on the spot and wrap the whole with cling film or possibly with a waterproof plaster (for showering).
  • It is best to let it work in overnight and repeat.

With me it takes about 3-4 days until these pimples then rise and then I make an anti-inflammatory ointment on it because the Swedish herbs on the open wound burn too much.

I think allergy sufferers should first look for the ingredients, because there are plenty of plants in there, some react to.

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