Vietnamese spring rolls (not fried!)

Hi moms, here is my latest tip - absolutely cool! It can be great to prepare and then enjoy with the whole family together - it's a kind of "eating-by-doing" as you do the roles of eating. THE PREPARATION: You need: rice paper (there are in good sort supermarkets in the Asiaecke, otherwise in Asialaden) rice noodles (look like glass noodles - but not glass noodles! Haha) spring rolls Dipsauce (is an orange viscous sauce with "bits", also Asiaecke / -laden) Shrimp or turkey breast (to taste) If desired fresh chili peppers 1 lime (alternatively lemon) mint coriander Fresh baby spinach or other tasty greens (original: iceberg lettuce, but I prefer spinach) Possibly. Soy sauce / garlic cloves (if turkey) First cut the turkey breast into small pieces. Put in a bag with soy sauce and crushed garlic cloves, knead well and set aside. If you have decided on shrimps, it is best to take the one ready to buy and cooked to buy. Now prepare the rice noodles according to the package instructions. If necessary, rinse with cold water to cool down. Nice drape on a plate. Now (in fine strips) chili pepper, mint and coriander leaves in small bowls, the lime cut open. Dipping sauce in a bowl. Roast turkey pieces and also arrange / arrange shrimps. Blanch the baby spinach for a short time, let it cool down (cold water helps!). Prepare a bowl of lukewarm water for the rice paper. Plates & napkins on the table - you kids come! EATING: Take a piece of rice paper and immerse it briefly under water (it is enough if it was once briefly under water). Then put on the plate. Just wait, it will be soft and wobbly by itself. Rice noodles on it. Chicken / shrimp on it. Spinach on it. Mint and coriander (& chili) on it, a few drops of lime juice. Turn rice paper in from one side and roll it up - Attention, it sticks really fast! Now only dipping and enjoy! PS: Sounds like a lot of work, but it's not really. Once you do it, it becomes routine. And the food is so fun! PS2: I do not guarantee HUNDRED authenticity, I copied it the way I ate it in Asia. - Everyone may vary the recipe as he wishes!

Vietnamese Fried Spring Rolls That Won't Explode When You Cook Them! - Marion's Kitchen | May 2020