Wallpaper paste for crafts - not only ecologically valuable

For years, I use for all paper works, only wallpaper paste. Glue paper beads, boxes, make envelopes, etc.

It is solvent-free and mainly produced from renewable raw materials.

Extra-Plus: The packaging is usually made of cardboard (which is made from recycled paper anyway). Little waste and still recyclable.

Wallpaper paste can also be produced in smaller quantities:

A marmalade vial or similar (Honey jars with plastic lids, which you do not want to use for jam-making, serve well here), fill to one-third with water, about 1 tbsp paste. Screwing. Shake. Leave for a quarter to half an hour. Fits the consistency (slimy-rotten), it can be worked on, otherwise give some more paste or water (so initially only fill to one third).

The mixed paste is long lasting (months in any case). Shake briefly before use and start working. It can also be repeatedly filled.

Wallpaper paste is water-soluble, so it is easy to wash out of clothing. This can be detrimental if the finished parts should tolerate moisture.

Solution: After complete drying coat the craft product with clear varnish or napkin pot, let it dry.

Klebestiften annoys me that the packaging is greater / more than the content, the packaging, and also from plastic content of the content a considerable part also still laboriously scratched must ("must" is right, if the ratio of packaging waste: content does not want to worsen further).

That's why I prefer wallpaper paste that sticks at least as well! Have fun crafting!

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