Buttercrumbs fast and easy

To make butter crumbs quickly and easily, there is a trick:

Simply rub the cold butter block with the coarse side of the domestic grater into the flour-sugar mixture. So the butter rag are evenly distributed and the crumble making is quick and easy.

peggy: I find the tip overfat, because when I bake, I'll get out first all the ingredients.
In the time when I touch the dough and possibly prove it, the butter is always soft and I can just stir in without making my hands full of fat. If necessary, I cut them into thin slices before.
But on the idea to take a rasp .... which is then also vollgesopft and I can not keep a quantity, no, I would never have come to that.

But many like it, so spying is about studying. MAAXX: I'm not a chef, but I did have housekeeping at school and there's something about the following with the topic of cold butter in baking:

If you want something crispy = cold butter *
If it should be smooth / soft = butter (temperature) does not matter and you can then usually and substitute margarine use.

with cold butter the flour does not become mushy / when mixing the butter is more to be seen as glue between flour and sugar, at baking later, the sugar can caramelize something the butter melts, then joins with flour and sugar / caramel to crispy, firm streuselchen.

So roughly the theory, of almost 30 years ago, stuck with me.


The Perfect Crumble Topping | Kitchen Hack | How To | September 2020