Make chair glides from bottle corks yourself

So that the chairs on the wooden floor leave no scratches, I have previously glued felt glides under the chair legs. However, the felt glides attract the dust like a feather duster. Constantly I have these dust clouds under the chairs. With cork under the chair legs, the ball of dust under the chair leg is reduced considerably and I can make the cork gliders cheap itself.

The felt pads under my chairs have looked really awful right now in the summer, with so much pollen and the dust coming in through the open windows. Wiping the dust off the felt is not easy either. There is always something stuck to the felt. To renew gliders more often goes into money. Better are cork gliders. Not only do they collect less dust, because the surface is smoother. They can also be better wiped with a damp cloth and cheaper it is also because you can do it yourself.

I've cut about 5 mm wide plates of wine corks with a cutter. Slicing is particularly easy when you put the cork in a multipurpose clamp. Glue the plates to the inside of double sided tape and cut out. Then remove the protective paper from the cork gliders and glue it under the chair legs.

This is needed:

  • Flaschenkorken
  • Multipurpose terminal or book terminal
  • Sharp knife
  • Double-sided adhesive tape (strong adhesion)

Chair Glide Carpet Caps | July 2020