Paint great patterns with balls from the Deoroller

Great patterns you can paint with balls from the Deoroller ... this requires a few balls from an empty Deoroller, a shoe box without a lid, best Plaka color (so not too thin color) and a sheet of white paper, which fits into the shoe box , Place the sheet in the shoe box and then the balls on it. On each ball you give a small dab of paint, once red, yellow, blue, green or others. Even black color looks great. Then the shoebox is moved back and forth and the balls paint a pattern of lines. This is not only fun for kids. Since Plaka color is waterproof, this color keeps very well on the balls and the children have the same beautiful colored marbles that they have even made themselves. So: keep balls from the deodorant and if you have no children, you can deliver them in kindergarten. The children there are also happy about it.

Roll-on Deodorant 3D Model | June 2020